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'pelt' chair by benjamin hubert for de la espadaH740mmx W460mm x D540mm
'pelt' is a chair made from a thin 8mm plywood shell that wraps around a solid ash frame. conceived by benjamin hubert
for furniture brand de la espada, the seating design extends downwards through the front legs making it appear as a seamless unit,
integrated with the solid frame beneath. the front and rear legs of the chair are linked via a simple cross construction which
offers overall stability and support.
this geometric arrangement is a result of CNCing a complex twist to maintain the integration; of the start and end points.
the chair offers efficient stacking with its ability to put six together. the collection was developed over a period of 12 months
after several iterations of prototyping and testing.

3/4 back view

components which make-up 'pelt'

front leg detail

color variations

'pelt' can be stacked up to six at a time

pelt group

prototype development

developing the prototype models of the chair out of wood and cardboard

cardboard prototypes

concept sketches

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