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POLLI-Brick™ is a revolutionary building material made from 100% recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate Polymer. It is translucent, naturally insulated, and durable. The modular 3-D honeycomb self-interlocking structure makes it extremely strong without any chemical adhesives, while weights only 1/5 of the standard curtain wall systems. The cross-industry R&D hybridization keeps the recycle process economically efficient when mass manufacture on-site, which dramatically reduces the carbon footprint compared to conventional glass and steel structure.



With the unique honeycomb shape interlocking units, POLLI-Brick™ can be assembled into rectangular panel or any form in customized dimension. The performance ennancement films enforces the panel strength while it provides extra protection against UV, water and fire. The PC coating makes the POLLI-Brick™ panel scratch-resistant and easy-clean. The POLLI-Brick™ panel sustains radical lateral force, up to 1.5 times the worst hurricane, without any damage and seepage.


POLLI-Brick™ has the absolute cost advantage: 1/4 the price of conventional curtain wall system. Moreover, solar powered LED lighting can be integrated into the POLLI-Brick™ system. Thus, consolidating all-in-one green energy lighting solution continuously reduces the structure’s carbon footprint over time.

1) Consolidated BIPV +LED lighting
2) UV / Water proof sheet/ fire proof
3) Interlocking Honey Cone air pocket insulation R value=12


Eco ark

Hecho con botellones reciclados de pequeñas boteellas de pet.

Así lo hacen los verdaderos pulentas.

BLAST chairs by explosion from Guy Mishaly on Vimeo.

Banquitos hechos a lo macho.


Vidrio soplado. Masss!!

OurGlass of Cockington from Danny Cooke on Vimeo.

Vidrios decorativos.

interesante documental. Es algo artístico no industrial.

soplado-soplado y prensa-soplado

04-vidrio from estudi 41 on Vimeo.

Vidrio soplado.

Presten atención a como se prende el pucho en chango.

Mas botellas.

Como se Hacen los Envases de Vidrio from Jose Orellan on Vimeo.

Botellas de vidrio

cómo se fabrican las botellas de vidrio from tecnosefarad on Vimeo.


Bench Making from Björn Rust on Vimeo.

Bancos geniales.

corner bench

ECKBANK OST (corner bench) - by prechteck inpired by piles of treetrunks , eckbank ost is a modular seating concept by prechteck for a
famous club called "pratersauna" in vienna, austria. considering that people communicate in a variety of ways, the eckbank concept offers a
wide range of practical use. relax on a chair, lie on a bench, sit on a bar stool to communicate at eye level with a friend standing next to you,
or just use it as a backrest while sitting on the lawn, the design caters to the needs of these individual preferences.
it allows for the benches to become a quiet place for one during the day, as well as a social meeting ground later in the evening.

mainly made out of wood, one module consists of 40 cm-spaced triangulated profiles connected by horizontal timber.
the triangles get linked with the triangles of its neighbor units creating a stable truss-system.
the structure then gets covered by 15x1.5 cm spruce boards. using those separate units, the owner can assemble a seating arrangement
depending on the expected number of visitors. ending at different length, the arrangement of the units radiates main themes of a club,
like music, rhythm or volume and so has the potential to become an identity defining object for the location.
links: location: www.pratersauna.tv organizer: www.poolbar.at designer: www.prechteck.com




different seating habits

floor plan

phase 1

phase 2

model view



eckbank ost



Bamboo bowl.

Bamboo bowl.



'NUTS' is a bamboo bowl.

This bowl is made of laminated Japanese bamboo.

It takes advantage of the butt end pattern.

The good weight provides stability.

vía: http://matomeno.com/2168.html