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Una muy buena idea!

designs of the year 2013: morph folding wheel by vitamins design
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designs of the year 2013: morph folding wheel by vitamins design
first image
the world's first folding wheelchair wheel by vitamins design

london-based vitamins design studio (duncan fitzsimmons, clara gaggero and adrian westaway) works between the areas of science,
technology and business. their 'folding wheel' invention has been included in the london design museum's 'designs of the year 2013' shortlist
(see the full listing of nominations on designboom here), and is being presented in an accompanying exhibition at the institution until july 7th, 2013.

the project was originally conceived as a bicycle wheel by fitzsimmons during his studies at the royal college of art in london.
however, gaining much attention for the concept he began receiving a lot of feedback about its possible applications -
primarily that it would be ideally suited for wheelchairs. so, with the help of maddak inc. - a company who specializes in home healthcare
and rehabilitation products for seniors or individuals with disabilities - the vitamins design team has further developed it into 'morph',
the world's first foldable wheelchair wheel available on the market for purchase. having the ability of being collapsed makes it easy for one to transport
and store a set of four during travel, such as in the overhead locker on an airplane, or trunk of a small car as a result of the wheels taking a smaller,
more convenient shape-- in their open, functioning state each wheel measures 24" in diameter, folding down to a compact 32" x 12,5" when not in use;
weighing only 7.5 lbs a piece and made from glass filled nylon with a polypropylene hand rim.

the morph folding wheel measures 24" in diameter

in its folded state its dimensions measure 32" x 12,5"


wheelchair installment

when folded, the wheels's compact size makes it easy to transport and store


the design is patented and produced by US medical supplies manufacturer maddak inc., as the 'morph folding wheel'

the open possibilities of the morph folding wheel
video courtesy of maddak inc.

duncan fitzsimmons (left) and adrian westaway (right) of vitamins design at the opening of the 'designs of the year 2013' exhibition
image © designboom

adrian westaway of vitamins design showing a small model of the folding wheel open...
image © designboom

and collapsed.
image © designboom


Mesas de Ping pong.

by Harry / March 11, 2013

Czech designers Petr Mikošek and Štěpán Kuklík have created a collection of ping-pong tables with variations of the net and table that bring new perspectives to the classic game.

(Click the images below for full sized images)

Each table has an unique design and material execution with the new elements offering added forms of gameplay.

A gap in the tabletop instead of an ordinary net or a transparent acrylic tunnel which lets the user play over the sides or top.

Say the designers, the "Compact sizes are perfectly suitable to adjust the tables in small flats, offices, clubs, bars and relax zones. The interactive version brings brings a brand new experience. Laser sensors and projection mapping visualy interacts with ping-pong ball."


Vía: http://mocoloco.com/indexpage3.php

Barquitos en botellas.

Bottled History from Smith Journal on Vimeo.

Un poco de inspiración sobre el trabajo manual y el amor por las pequeñas cosas.


Spinning Top Lathe Demo from Stan Krzyzanowski on Vimeo.


Re-loco re-cicla.


Ya vimos en otro post las cosas que este muchacho puede hacer con su impresora 3d de hilo naranja.

Ahora en su blog muchos más proyectos con diferentes eco-fines. Y otros no tanto pero siempre pensando en la reutilización.

Presenta también un libro que promete.

Algunos proyectos .-

Un mundo sin electricidad.

algunas maquinitas estan lindas eh! jaja.


Links de páginas de Packaging.












Enviado por el señor mariano Bonacalza.



If you’re a fan of minimal design and craftsmanship then Denmark is a good place to start on a quest for inspiration. With Scandinavian design in mind I’ve been following Danish design collective Garde Hvalsøe for a little while now. Tonight they’ve come up with the goods in the shape of a short film showcasing pipe and briar production in Livorno, Italy.
Granted I didn’t end up with something Danish this time around, but the process and resulting product within the film embodies what Scandinavian design is all about, simplicity and quality. Those who enjoy our site will know how enticing we find the whole creation process, and although neither of us smoke and most likely never will, it’s fascinating to see any object being made.
I particularly loved how all the materials are naturally sourced, the wood is literally taken fresh from the forrest and transformed into these slim line elegant pipes. I’m looking past the typography on this one (I hope you can too) because as they say, content is king. Watch on below, enjoy, and have a great evening.


El auto de la mujer maravilla.

GM brought wonders to the World Fair back in 1940 with their unique Pontiac. The transparent display car will be auctioned at St. John’s in affiliation with Concours d’Elegance of America in Plymouth, Michigan.
According to Special Interest Autos#34, GM developed three transparent cars for the  New York World’s Fair of 1939-1949 World Fair in which one of them was a Torpedo five window touring sedan and the other was a Deluxe seven window touring sedan.
This unique car ended up in the Smithsonian and stayed there throughout World War II after it was showed in New York City and around the country. It was bought by Don Barlup, a Pennsylvanian Pontiac dealer, in 1973 and has been treated with care as it was shown in a few events in Meadow Brooke in 1996.

Read more: http://blog.gessato.com/2011/06/14/the-transparency-of-pontiac/#ixzz2MgPv5aPG


Shuffle de procesos manuales.

Lámparas, faros.

The Buoy Lamps by Postler Ferguson are part of an ongoing investigation to the aesthetics of industrial technology. The most specific, highly engineered objects take functionality to an extreme which is no longer recognizable to the layperson. The odd shapes and brilliant colours of navigational buoys could just as well be from children’s’ toys, Christmas ornaments or giant jewellery.
Underneath the bizarre appearance, however, remains a pleasing materiality that is still comprehensible to the non-engineer upon inspection. There is a logic of balance, construction and materials that is curiously pleasurable, rewarding in its simplicity and inevitability.
The Buoy Lamps draw on these qualities, referencing various aspects of marine culture in their design and performance. Wooden ribs bound together by rope support central lights, balanced so that they can be jostled into different angles. Check Out Postler Ferguson’s Site

Read more: http://blog.gessato.com/2010/11/03/buoy-lamps-by-postlerferguson/#ixzz2Mg5YOQol

banco, caja, banco.

Marlon Darbeau‘s Peera is not a bench with just one function. It also doubles up as a toolbox and table. Marlon works in Trinidad and Tobago, and has found success with the Peera design, exhibiting it as part of the Global Africa Project in NY, which is open until May the 15th next year. Perhaps it’s because I live in such a small flat, but whenever I see clever uses of convergence like the Peera, Thanks Christian for showing this!

Read more: http://blog.gessato.com/2010/12/18/peera-toolbox-by-marlon-darbeau/#ixzz2MfxD1uEi


Hacete la tuya.

Customization for the masses may appear odious to some designers, but French designer Tristan Kopp has found a way to preserve the essence of a product while providing end users with the flexibility for personalization. prodUser Bicycle System is a modular system that allows individuals to combine various components – connectors, framework, and extra add-ons – of their choice in creating a custom bicycle. The beauty is in the freedom of the system, dubbed “open-source” like software counterparts, which can be employed and adapted without the usual jaw-dropping price tag. The system, samples, and literal blueprints are currently showcased inIstanbul’s Design Biennale.

Read more: http://blog.gessato.com/2012/12/12/produser-bicycle-system-by-tristan-kopp/#ixzz2MbBSHwXW