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©Andrew Watts
“Its all about the approach” is an impressive name for a chair that appears reticent at first glance. However, the design of the chair elegantly places convention at an arm’s length, and begs the question if “approach” refers to Australian designer Andrew Watts’s craft or to the perspective with which to think about the traditional chair. The chair combines a cradle-like seat of thermo-molded plastic fitted with felt upholstery and a simple frame of European oak. Daring is evident in the legs of the chair, which actually extend through and past the seat to form armrests, fully integrating seat and frame. The angled facets of the seat form mirror the slight inward tilt of the chair’s legs – or arms, if you prefer – and create a cohesive look to the piece.
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©Andrew Watts
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©Andrew Watts
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©Andrew Watts
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©Andrew Watts

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