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Pedal-powered all-in-one appliance can really get you cooking

by  in Design on 13 April 2011

r2b2-1.jpg r2b2-2.jpg
StudioMontag, an open association of product designers and students who met at Germany'sBauhaus-University Weimar, share an interest in transforming daily life into something incredible. A brilliant illustration of their creative thinking, the R2B2 looks like something Pee-Wee Herman would invent, but unlike the cinematic version it actually conserves energy while rapidly chopping, whipping, crumbling, spinning and more.
Designed by Christoph Thetard, the mechanical appliance hides a flywheel below a worktop, that when accelerated with a simple foot pedal can directly power a hand mixer, a blender and a coffee grinder. Smart transmission ratios and different gears enable more than 10,000 rotations per minute. Chopping herbs, grating cheese or mixing cocktails can be accomplished with a few pedal kicks only, in an unexpectedly silent way.
r2b2-4.jpg r2b2-5.jpg
Still in prototype form, Thetard has started a Kickstarter crowd-funding process to bring his concept to reality. Find out more info at the R2B2 website.
See more images of the building process and final prototype in the gallery.

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