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Concentrar la energía del sol.

Enviado por Pety. 

spherical glass solar energy generator by andre rawlemon

german born, barcelona-based architect andré broessel has sent us images of his latest development of a spherical glass

solar energy generator. the project uses the advantageous strategy of implementing a ball lens and specific geometrical
structure to improve energy efficiency by 35%. in contrast to its traditional photo-voltaic 'dual-axis' counterparts,
the device incorporates a fully rotational weatherproof natural optical tracking device that is adequate for functioning
on inclined surfaces and curtain walls, empowering any building surface. the new solar generating concept has
capabilities that concentrate diffused daylight or moonlight for a more effective site context application.

left: first prototype with dual axis tracking system and triple junction cellsright: second prototype including multiple ball lenses with dual axis tracking system and triple junction cells

left: second prototype showing light transmission through 3 ball lenses
right: second prototype showing performance in different light diffusion situations 

third prototype water filled ready for measuring multiple PV cells concepts and thermal energy

measuring the focal point temperature and the radiation intensity

moonlight study of concentrated light arriving to solar cell

measuring the focal plane of a ball lens

left: set up of the 6 axis precision measurement instrument
right: set up for the direct beam measurement system

comparison of the different existing solar energy providers

render of the solar generator in context for building application

different application context

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