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Silla Kanom.


From sweets wrapped in banana leaf impression of Thailand, that
material is close to the natural. Banana leaf like wrapped package dessert
in various form is the good demonstrate creativity of the Thai people since
the past. This concept has led to deployment of the banana leaf shows the
linear structure of the mantle to a personal feeling. In addition, more friendly
shape can be used. To experience the precision of work, it shows similar
with the same elaborate and in genious confection of Thailand in the past
to the present.

Inspiration : Banana leaf

Inspiration : Thai dessert

Kanom, lounge chair

Producer : Mobella
Materials : Bush sponge iron frame upholstered fabric
Dimension : Seat 850 x 115 x 135, Stool 600 x 700 x 300
Colour : Green, White, Black, Purple

This idea was developed from an "Industry Integration by Innovation"
Workshop, organized by Department of IIndustrial Promotion + MZD Co., Ltd

V[ia http://thinkk-studio.com/

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