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Bend sillas de chiken wire. (Alambre de Gallinero)

Una idea para nuestras sillas. Laburar con algo asi pero mas importante el alambre cosa de que no se lo choreen.

The Farmhouse Chair

Harvest an organic heirloom tomato patch, paint your chicken coop blue, then herd your Dutch Landrace goats back into the barn. Our farmhouse chair is as sturdy as an antiquated piece of farm machinery, and as easy to relax in after 10 hours on the clock as a pair of worn out dungarees. Despite its pure geometry there is a rustic quality in this chair; the backrest is inspired by the architecture of old Amish barns. A few minutes on this seat and you’ll be inspired to quit your day job and live off the land. Measurements H 32", W 22" D 25" SH 16"

Link: http://www.bendseating.com

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