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Increíbles uniones diseñadas al dedillo.

designer yuya ushida has developed 'XXXX_' a transformable furniture system made of four components in different lengths,
rings and joints. when put together, the assembly becomes more than just the sum of parts. in a synergetic manner, the furniture
expands and contracts as needed. sofas, stools, tables and benches can be created from the eight different elements within
the building kit--this modular system offering endless furniture possibilities.

editor's note: designboom been following the development of the 'XXXX_' furniture series since 2011 when it was first conceived as a sofa.
see the first iterations and development process of the seating concept here.

XXXX_sofa chair

building up an 'XXXX_' piece of furniture
video courtesy of yuya ushida


eight elements for construction

playing with 'XXXX_' components

playing with XXXX_


design of the year 2012

XXXX_ with man

the 'XXXX_stool' in context--easily transportable for use in all social situations

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