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Una mesa.

'Clip' is my piece from a furniture paper that was separated into two stages. The first stage was the concept generation which had to be completed with a 1:5 scale model and a full scale detail. The second stage was refining the design and producing a full scale final prototype. 

'Clip' is a table that is inspired by vines. Specifically the way they cling to a host structure. This is emulated by two distinct materials joining at the corner with the stainless steel legs representing the vines and the table top representing the host. The legs are able to be clipped on and off allowing it to be flat packed and also giving users the ability to store it away. The minimal materials and design fit the contemporary cafe and home of limited space today. The wood used is Accoya which is ecologically treated pine and allows 'Clip' the ability to be set outside and and also reduces the carbon footprint.


When I revisited the design after stage 1 I made all decisions based on one philosophy - simplify. I decided to strip the form right down to the function and create a simple mechanism that would hold the legs by friction. The friction (clip) is caused by the clip (connected to the table top) being wider than the two points on the leg. Therefore it pries the leg apart enough to make the table stable but not too much that it is hard to unclip.


Stage 1 preliminary hand in: Concept and 1:5 scale model
At the end of stage one I had provided the base to lead into stage 2. What I was heavily focusing on was the two materials working together. The cones on the corner of the table top were to signify the blending from one material to the other. I had not fully worked out the function of the clipping mechanism at this point but provided a strong concept leading into the next stage.


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