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desk 2012
for dwr dwell live/work contest 

finalist for dwr dwell live/work contest

My workspace is a place of meditation and the desk is the centerpiece that creates an effective and organized workspace. More importantly it should provide a space to comfortably use your electronics, to write, and to rest. The Okum Desk was designed with ergonomics in mind and to conform to the angle of our bodies via a soft, slanted ledge that eliminates any abrupt edges. Using molded plywood, the principle design feature is the seamless curve of the low shelf, which provides storage for stationery and keeps things such as a task light out of the way. The base is made with intersecting powder-coated steel rods and tubes, and continues the underlying exploration of structures that do more with less. The legs easily change heights without additional components. The Okum Desk is the distillation of familiar methods, materials and structure, translated into a form and function to address our present needs. 

L:56" x W:30" x H:30"

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