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leatherman Raptor. Una locura.

Leatherman Raptor Medical Multi-Tool

Leatherman Raptor
Looking at Leatherman’s product line it is clear which multi-tools are designed for casual users, everyday users, those with heavier-duty needs, law enforcement officers, and military personnel. The newest tool is designed with a narrower audience in mind – uniformed medics.
Leatherman’s Raptor is a specialized multi-tool specially designed to aid medics in their life-saving efforts. Although primarily aimed at medics, the Raptor multi-tool looks to be exceptionally well suited for EMTs, rescuers, and other first responders as well.
Some of Leatherman’s other multi-tools, such as the new one-handed tool (OHT), also appeal to a broader audience despite being more tactically inspired in style and functions.
Raptor Features:
  • 420HC stainless steel cutting shears
  • carbide glass breaker
  • strap cutter
  • 5 cm ruler
  • ring cutter
  • oxygen tank wrench
  • lanyard hole
Leatherman Raptor Closed
Folded up the Raptor can be clipped to your pants or gear pocket, and in the closed position the strap cutter (opposite side) can still be easily and quickly deployed with one hand.
Leatherman Raptor MOLLE Sheath
The Raptor will come with an included MOLLE-compatible polymer holster that allows for the shears to snap in with the tool in either the open or closed position.
Leatherman Raptor Shears Sheath
Leatherman Raptor folded closed and inside sheath.
The Raptor is set to be released May 2013 and is rumored to be priced at $70.

Vía: http://toolguyd.com/leatherman-raptor/

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