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ladrillo y cemento

brick and cement furniture collection by nexus
re-purposed brick and concrete furniture collection by nexus

in an attempt to prolong the life of the traditional brick industry by re-using old machinery, taiwanese nexus design studio 
changes the fundamental relationship between brick and cement. by re-designing new moulds on re-purposed industrial
machines to fit the prevalent electrical kilns, the exercise brings to life a collection of furniture that includes a table and series
of chairs. when sandwiched together, the structural components contrast one another as they seamlessly connect at the joints.

chairs together

the cement are connected all the brick and become main structures

the edge of the top surface is beveled

the concrete and brick legs use a sandwich technique

the seat pan attaches to the leg

the brick and the cement structure acts as aesthetic detail

a hole on the surface top is reinforced connected with brick the cement

parlor furniture

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