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Monopatín de carga.

This cargo scooter is a human-powered vehicle for people who need to carry their belongings for short trips. Made of Baltic birch plywood, aluminum and steel, they are very strong dependable products, offered in a range of plain or painted finishes. Also our patent pending steering system has been extensively tested to be strong, lightweight, and most importantly stable with a tight turning radius. They can be used by kids and adults for outdoor activities like grocery shopping or strolls in the park. Also, they are fantastic for commercial uses in warehouses or for local delivery services. The possibilities are endless. The best part - is that they’re FUN. Try one out, and you’ll immediately feel like a child again, racing around your neighborhood on skateboards or tricycles, with the wind in your hair and a big smile on your face.

The Perfect Steering System – Our scooter’s advantage starts with our patent pending steering system, which allows you to ride behind the cargo box and keep an eye on your valuable belongings. It’s great for quick access to your things and for making frequent stops & deliveries. Plus, our steering system has been extensively tested to be strong, lightweight, and most importantly stable with a tight turning radius. With our scooter’s steering system, you’ll be able to coast through crowded sidewalks with ease which is impossible when using bulky cargo bicycles or bikes trailers.

Transport your belongings around the city!

Pacific Blue Scooter, $650 on www.nimblescooters.com

Pepper Shake, $650 on www.nimblescooters.com

Our scooters come with the finest American-made industrial wheels on the market. Each wheel is designed with both hard and soft elastomer materials in it’s tread. Which means, they roll easily and are extremely durable. While at the same time, they’re quiet, protect floors, and have a cushioned ride. Plus, the non-marking treads are permanently bonded to a durable polyolefin wheel core with a load capacity of 375 lbs. So, these wheels will keep you rolling for years and you’ll never worry about getting a flat tire again. www.nimblescooters.com

Cruising down Lombard Street, San Francisco.

Below the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, California.

Cruising down the Shoreline in Long Beach, California on a Sunday afternoon.

Use NIMBLE for your business! Here we are coming out with a Gallia NIMBLE Scooter to help out Gallia Parisian Beer in Paris transport their beer during events and in their warehouse! http://galliaparis.com/en/

...and you can ride around with your kids!

vía: http://www.coroflot.com/alixarmour/NIMBLE-Cargo-Scooters#p=28

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