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M chair, una muy linda silla.

  • M Chair
    Graduation Year Project , 2012
  • "M Chair" is a three-legged chair & it is stackable. The chair is made out of plywood and steel pipe. The design of the chair is artistically designed and it is limited edition. The name of the chair has its roots from the view of the chair. When a person looks from the front, it looks like the letter "M." From every angle, the chair looks unique and artistic.
    M Chair is a collaboration between Cheryl Tan Cha-CynChen Fang-Yu & Pan Ping-Jun. From idea-sketching, brainstorming until final furniture making, we spent 9 months to finish. And the most attractive part is, M chair is a handmade art piece by three of us. M Chair is now produced by a furniture company in Taiwan, establish will be sell in stock in 2013.

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